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I recently combined idea 7, the unexpected fortune, along with idea 5, end of a relationship, to create this idea:. I then posted the idea for feedback in Becoming Writer. How about you?

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Do you have any short story ideas? Share them with us in the comments section! Joe is a ghostwriter, editor, and author. He writes and edits books that change lives.

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Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. I just sent you an email. Open it and confirm your email address by clicking the link in it. The competition sHoOK! These ideas really helped me write my fiction story for class. Thank you to whom made this website.

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Thank you so much for this I have to write 4 short stories for my interview for a school a want to attend that has creative writing class and I am not prepared so this definitely helped. Can post something about points of views in the future? Is it a good idea writing different povs? OK, I have an idea for a story. I already have the world and some characters done, I just need a driving force. Some sort of conflict to get things going. Any suggestions? It actually is a great help for Wattpad. Such a big help. And now I am using this to write a story for English.

Thanks joe. Beautiful tips and topics to begin for a hesitant writer like me. Believe it or not, I would love to read your barista love story. I guess but try taking about 3 or 4 stories u have read and the changing the characters you combing them together and boom perfect storie. Subscribe to my youtube channel Zacharyzaichik!!!

I am almost finished with the book, which is called Final Frontier. I know. Thank you to the person who made this page. But hating them and shouting that out in unnecessary. I guess but try taking about 3 or 4 stories u have read and the changing the characters you combing them together and boom perfect story. Great ideas. I really agree with your first statement. I feel like I have to envision a good end before I start. I believe there are lots of lumps of colorful clay out there but which one should I take into my hands today, work with, and mold into into pottery?

All awesome ideas. I wanna write something magical and imginative and these are all great ideas for the story of my characters, but i need like a concept still????? But i guess i cant get that from anyone else except me.

How about a group of people divided into different faction based on the type of magic they can do. Like different climates or components of nature And there is one girl or boy who stands out from the others like have to do more than just one like?? I love that idea!!! I write code for an animated story thing called episode. That means I have to get my stories into the open for critique. I wish to join Becoming Writer. I have sent my e mail.

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I love your passion, Ohita. If you think you can finish your novel, do it. But if your stuck, try writing a short story on the same topic as your novel, or with the same characters. It might be a great way to get unstuck. Thank you! Thanks for the help,even though I am 10 I want to write short story that everyone will love to read. I definitely know what you mean by having more ideas than you can write about.

For me, at least, I think it is a good idea to have all the ideas, for I am one of those people whom has trouble keeping my mind on one thing and jump around from one topic to the next.

Also, if I need help trying to find an angle that my story needs to go in, I daydream about what my characters may or may not do. For example: Chris is a boy, who has a birthday the night of his senior prom.

If I am stuck as to what he does, then I daydream…1st scenario, he goes to the birthday party thrown by his parents, and has a good time…In the 2nd scenario, he goes to the prom, and gets to dance with the girl of his dreams…. The 3rd is where I try to combine the 1st two, so everyone is happy. Anyone that wants to can use that idea. The idea for the wounded character, is a great one and the one that really caught my eye. I use my own for the traits of my characters. Also, I believe if the author injects humor into the equation and can get the reader laughing with them about what they think of those wounds, then just maybe, the story will help to heal the wounds of all. I need weekly practice. I had the goal this year of writing one short story a month and submitting it. I have written four, as of June. It takes me so long to figure out the outline. If the real thing I need is more practice, then I need to get working at it. Every writer is different in their approach to a story. I find it easiest if I come up with the first and last line in a story in my head. Then I need to construct a road that leads from point A to point Z on paper and usually that road is a twisting, meandering stretch of blacktop on paper that I never saw coming, Chantal.

Best of luck to you…. I also have a wattpad. It seems to be a very good way to get your work out there. This becomes a very handy place to put stories such as; short stories, novels, and fanfiction. This not only helps you develop your writing especially if your best work currently is just fanfiction, but to get an understanding of what you can work on and grow with to become a better writer. I have a wattpad too.

I agree totally, its a really good way to get books out there and get people reading them.

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Thank you for the information, Joe.