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Sanju tells Varun that if he comes to her house she will call the police and as she cuts the call somebody rings the bell of her house.

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Sanju thinks it to be Varun and takes a jug full of water and opens the door. She, not seeing the person, pours out the whole of the water on that person who is Prithvi. Prithvi comes inside the house and Sanju asked for her shirt to get it iron. Prithvi asked Sanju to come with him for a pizza.

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Sanju goes to her room and gets ready to go Prithvi takes her to a place which is dark. Sanju being afraid was going to leave the place but was stopped by the surprising entry of her friends. Somebody is now stalking Sanju and trying to hurt Prithvi. In the meantime Vinnie's mother finds a boy to get Vinnie engaged.

Vinnie's mother tells the name of the boy that is Purushashtra. As Vinnie does not want to get engaged, Ela has a plan to let that boy go.

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They invites that boy in a cafe where Ela pretends to be Vinnie and that Vinnie is an independent girl who had got many boyfriends. But Puru identifies the real Vineeta Maheshwari. He tells them that he is also too fast with the internet. And tells the real name every of her friends. The trustees of the Westwood college arranged a party of Holi for the students. The stalker comes in the party and applies colour to Sanju.

Prithvi follows the stalker and cuts his hand but the stalker runs away. Prithvi leaves on the day of the Holi party. Mac also finally breaks up with Ela on the same day and starts to avoid Ela. A series of events make Sanju believe that Varun is the stalker, but he denies so. At the evening of that day, Vinnie comes to drop Sanju at her house and finds that someone is hiding in the bushes.

When they come near the bush, the man tries to run away but is finally caught by them. When the man shows his face, it is Rohan. Sanju thinks the real stalker to be Rohan. Sanju and Varun make their own teams with three or four persons who will help them in sticking poster in full college and help them to make their speech and definitely give vote to the leader whom they are helping. Sanju comes to know that Puru loves Vinnie and so Sanju makes a plan that she will tell Vinnie that Puru loves a girl named Chhaya and asks Vinnie to set their love story. After fitting all the posters in the college the leave for their hom.

Next day when they come to the college they see that the stalker has written a love message on Sanju's posters. Sanju suspects that the thing was done by Rohan and tries to find him but he is nowhere. In the evening while Sanju was going to leave for her house after her work in college, Ela and Vinnie were waiting for Sanju in the canteen.

As she is trying to leave she finds that someone is following her. Afraid, Sanju tries to run but falls in the corridor. Hearing her screams Vinnie and Ela come running and finds Sanju lying in the corridor. They tried to follow the stalker who falls and gets hurt on his back.

In spite of getting hurt, he rides on the bike and ran away. Scared BFFs go to the police for help. The police on their said facts arrest Rohan and finds that he has got hurt on his back. On the next day the Inspector calls Sanju as Varun came for the bail of Rohan.

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Varun tells them the time that Sanju told the police about Rohan was following her on that particular time Rohan was with Varun. On the same day the BFFs follow Rohan and find him going to a place where illegal bike racing is being done. When Sanju asks him why he was following Sanju he tells that Prithvi has told him to watch her and that he loves Sanju very much.

He tells them that Varun knew that Rohan was involved in illegal bike racing so he released Rohan from the jail. Sanju asked him if Prithvi suspected Varun. Rohan answers that Prithvi had, but afterward Prithvi changed his suspect from Varun to somebody else. When Sanju asked who that guy is, a car come in a great pace and hit Rohan. The BFFs take him to the hospital and call all of their friends and parents of Rohan. After Rohan's operation all his friends except sanju and varun went to their home.


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They waited till rohan's parents did not came. In the night the stalker did come and warned rohan about telling anything to sanju. In the morning sanju finds many lost things of her lying on the bench of the girl's locker room.

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When she was looking at the photos somebody clicked her photos and pinned that photos on the notice board. Ela get a sms revealing the truth that sanju has told mac to behave like that with ela and knowing this truth ela breaks her friendship with sanju. Ela and vinnie tries to find rgv and sanju found that rgv's laptop is lying on the table of a classroom.

Sanju tries to make the laptop work but when she comes closer to the laptop the voting for the president of the college automatically starts and when she turns back she finds professor anu. Professor rickved called everyone to the assembly hall for voting. After voting sanju and sahil went to have coffee in the canteen. Meanwhile, rohan calls sanju and asks her to come to a place if she wants to know who is the stalker.

Rohan waits for sanju in that place and at the same time a car arrived. Rohan thought that car to be sanjus and tries to reach her but he finds that it is the stalker. The stalker is revealed as sahil and sahil kills rohan. When sanju reaches the place she finds rohan hanged and a suicite note that wal left by sahil.

Varun is helping police in investigation. Meanwhile, Anu comes to know that Sahil is the stalker and starts blackmailing him. While checking Rohan's diary someone hits Sanjana on head and drags her to the garden. Vinnie and Puru find her unconscious and take her home. Rohan's dead body goes on missing from the morgue. The next day police arrests Sanjana for stealing Rohan's body. Sanjana's father bail her out.

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Ela realises her mistake and befriends with Sanjana.