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Why are free agents worth their seemingly exorbitant salaries? Which teams get the most out of their budgets? He explains: the economics of trades. GMs can't sell high or buy low.


Bradbury's independent brand of analysis has provoked the ire of traditionalists and "Moneyball" sabermetricians alike. OPS of. In at bats. Sent down to Class A! Fort Myers! Where he hit. Bad health. Bad habits. All in all: ugh. They talked about life, perhaps.

Its twists and turns. They say Sano appreciated the gesture. They say a lot of things. But: surprise! The jury is out. You have to think that with a healthy and revitalized Sano at third, the Twins will be much much better than last year. That just makes sense. Marvelous Marwin backs up Sano, along with the Amazing Astudillo.

Surely a healthy and productive Sano would be worth four or five steps forward? He could be a truly exceptional player. Three steps forward. Left Field: Steady Eddie Rosario. I think most teams would be happy to have Steady Eddie in left. Excellent fielder. Shows up for Game, every day. Jake Cave backing him up, along with Marvelous Marwin. Cave impressed everyone last year, hitting. Center Field: Byron Buxton? He only made 64 games last year due to injuries, and when he played, he hit…. With a.

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Another season in hell. Byron K. Difficult to fathom. Max Kepler backs up the Buxt in CF. Again, you would think the addition of a healthy productive Buxton would be worth four or five steps forward. I am Mr. Right Field: Max Kepler. Excellent defensively.

Plus: 20 HR, 58 rbis. Only hit. Twins daily tells us he only had a. Jake Cave backs up Max in right. And waiting in the wings is a perfectly good prospect, name of Alex Kirilloff, just waiting for an opportunity to succeed. Designated Hitter: Nelson Cruz. The departed Robbie Grossman hit. We should do better than that. Two Steps forward. And others. And Matt McGill, who went last season, with 3. Much will depend upon how the new manager handles this assembly. Last year I thought our bullpen was okay.

Statistics seem to indicate otherwise. And who are you going to believe? Or a bunch of sneaky made-up numbers?

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To start the season, at any rate. Jose Berrios is for real. Kyle Gibson might be for real. Just when I was on the verge of being overconfident, I look at starting pitching and I see nothing but danger. But our starting pitching is an accident waiting to happen. Spring has shown glimmers of promise. But still… [shudder. Looking on the bright side: our starting pitching was pretty miserable last season too. So how much worse can it get? Rocco Baldelli. I like it. With the new manager, a new pitching coach: Wes Johnson, who was coaching at the University of Arkansas last year.

'Hot Stove Economics -- Understanding Baseball's Second Season'

Okay, Paul Manager of the Year, Molitor, vs. Oddly, not a quick call on that. This could go either way. Molitor had a lot to contend with last season, with lots of injuries on the club. Key Players were MIA. Given all that, is probably a pretty good record.

One step back. A bit worse than last season. And so the forecast for the coming season should be about Obviously, I was way too conservative on improvements that are coming in the infield and at DH. Data be damned.


"Hot Stove Economics: Understanding Baseball's Second Season" by John Charles Bradbury

It looks to me like the Twins pitching is going to keep them out of contention. Berrios and Gibson and …pray for rain? But the offense should be quite a bit better, too. Addendum: the baseball gods smile down on me today: I find THREE baseball forecasting magazines in a little free library just down the street! Spring is here. Let us rejoice. The Twins pitchers and catchers reported way back on February 13th, and workouts began the next day.

On the 23rd the Twins played their first two games, going against the Orioles L and the the Rays W.

Best of Hot Stove Season Three!

And today the boys were rained out. Seems like that would be fun. As per usual, Twins fans or, at least, this Twins fan are bursting with optimism. Twins fans are optimistic as a rule. You might find the occasional Bob Downer, who basically is rooting against the Twins just to justify his own dark view of the world. But most Twins fans — True Twins fans — are optimists.

Despite everything. Despite Tommy Herr for Tom Brunansky!?! Just to name a few.

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