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If you toss it 1, times, the odds are there will be one long run in which heads comes up nine times in a row. But there will be thirty-two short runs in which heads comes up four times in a row. Which is the way to bet? Always cut runs short.

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Sure, there will be times when you regret doing this. A run will continue without you, and you will be left enviously watching all the happy players who stayed aboard. But statistically, such gloomy outcomes are not likely to happen often. One of the problems is that long runs of luck are available and easily recalled.

One problem is that long, high runs of luck make news and get talked about. If you go to a racetrack and have a so-so day, you will forget it quickly. But if you have one of those days when every horse runs for your benefit, you will undoubtedly bore your friends with the story for a long time. We hear more about big wins than about the vastly more common little wins. This can delude us into thinking the big wins are more attainable than they really are.

Casinos publicize big wins that are usually the result of long runs of luck. They do this for two reasons. Second, it encourages people who are winning, to keep those bets riding so they can be one of the big winners. Of course, the odds are with the casino so the longer you play the more likely luck goes to odds.

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And the odds favor the house. We never know how long luck will last but we do know that short runs of luck are much more common than long runs of luck. As you enter any new venture — an investment, a job, a love affair — you cannot know how it will work out. No matter how carefully you lay your plans, you cannot know how those plans will be affected by the unforeseeable and uncontrollable events that we call luck.

Improving Your Luck

If the luck is good, then you stay with the venture and enjoy it. But what if the luck is bad?

What if the bottom drops out of the stock market? Or the seemingly limitless promise of that new job vanishes in a corporate upheaval? Or your love affair sours when a rival suddenly appears? The lucky reaction is to wait a short time and see if the problems can be fixed or will go away, and then, if the answer is no, bail out.

How to Be Lucky and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Cut losses short. This is what lucky people habitually do. To put it another way, they have the ability to select their own luck. Hit with bad luck, they discard it, freeing themselves to seek better luck in another venture. The inability to cut losses is one of the traits of the born loser according to psychiatrists Stanley Block and Samuel Correnti in their book Psyche, Sex, and Stocks.

Sunk costs are hard to overcome, in part because it often involves confessing that you were wrong. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Five Foolproof Ways to Turn Your Luck Around

There is a person who toils alone for years in relative obscurity before finally cracking the code to become a hero. The myth of the lone genius. The Pygmalion Effect is a powerful secret weapon. Without even realizing it, we can nudge others towards success. Luck falls upon people according to laws, just like any other force in the universe. Once you understand the laws that govern the mechanics of luck, you can chance your luck as easily as changing your shirt!

Want to attract good luck to yourself? Want to become Luck-Struck? Whether it's debt, divorce, or some other tragedy; bad things happen to good people. You may not like to hear it, but you are creating your own luck. You should leave nothing to chance. You should refuse to wish or hope, or trust to luck.

You must take control of your situation.

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You are responsible. You will achieve financial success only after you accept that everything that you ever become is completely up to you.

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No one is going to do it for you. Fortunately, in America there are more opportunities for wealth creation and personal success than have ever existed previously in all of human history.

go here This means that it is easier to start and build a successful business in the United States than it is anywhere else on earth. As information and technology continue to expand and multiply times each other, and competition continues to intensify, more and more opportunities are opening up every day for the creative minority who are willing to take advantage of them. One of the discoveries in the research on self-made millionaires is the finding that most of them start off with little or no money. Most of them start off by saving their money carefully for a long time until they have enough to start a small enterprise or business.

Some of the biggest companies in America were started on a kitchen table or in a garage, like the Hewlett-Packard Company or Apple Computer. Some of the newest millionaires in America come from the field of multilevel marketing. They sold something, made a profit, reinvested their profits, grew larger, and eventually achieved financial independence. In Dr. The most important quality that self-made millionaires used to explain their success was the habit of hard, hard work. Self-made millionaires work much harder than the average per- son.

So what is luck exactly?

They start earlier, work harder, and stay later. According to many studies and interviews, self-made millionaires work an average of 59 hours per week. Some work considerably more, especially at the beginning. Day23 You Create your own Luck!!