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The journal was established in by the Scottish philosopher Alexander Bain University of Aberdeen [2] with his colleague and former student George Croom Robertson University College London as editor-in-chief. Early on, the journal was dedicated to the question of whether psychology could be a legitimate natural science. In the first issue, Robertson wrote:. Now, if there were a journal that set itself to record all advances in psychology, and gave encouragement to special researches by its readiness to publish them, the uncertainty hanging over the subject could hardly fail to be dispelled.

Either psychology would in time pass with general consent into the company of the sciences, or the hollowness of its pretensions would be plainly revealed. Nothing less, in fact, is aimed at in the publication of Mind than to procure a decision of this question as to the scientific standing of psychology. Throughout the 20th century, the journal was leading in the publishing of analytic philosophy. In , under the auspices of its new editors-in-chief Lucy O'Brien University College London and Adrian William Moore University of Oxford , it started accepting papers from all styles and schools of philosophy.

Many famous essays have been published in Mind by such figures as Charles Darwin , J. McTaggart and Noam Chomsky. The following persons have been editors-in-chief :. Perspectives on the Philosophy of William P. Rowman and Littlefield, pp. Lance, M. Emotion and rationality.

CR: The New Centennial Review

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An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Identity without an entity. Surfaces 7 , pp. Ethics without foundations: the question of universalism. The philosopher's bookshelf: Wittgenstein's philosophical investigations.

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John King-Farlow (ed.), New Essays in the Philosophy of Mind - PhilPapers

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Nietzsche: A Critical Reader.. Blackwell Critical Reader London: Blackwell, pp. Sedgwick, P. Lyotard and Kripke: essentialisms in dispute. American Philosophical Quarterly 32 3 , pp. Nietzsche's theory of truth. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 73 4 , pp. Why are Italians more reasonable than Australians? Analysis 49 4 , pp. On Mackie's solution to semantic paradoxes. Logique et Analyse 31, pp. Articles Tanesini, A. Books Tanesini, A. Book sections Tanesini, A. Conferences Tanesini, A.

New Essays in the Philosophy of Mind

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